Architecture Committee Improvement or Modification

Architectural Committee Procedures

Please read the following and then fill out the information below to request architectural changes to your property or lot. These procedures are subject to change without notice.

  1. An application to make improvement shall be completed by the property owner and submitted to the Architectural Committee at  least thirty days prior to the scheduled commencement of work and be completed within six months of approval as stated in Hidden Harbor Homeowners Association by-laws and covenants. Note: Request is invalid if not begun within 90 days of approval.
  2. The committee has 30 days from the confirmed date of receipt of the application to respond to the request. The “confirmed date” is defined as the date the HH Business Manager or the committee confirms via email or telephone that the request has been received. If you have not received confirmation that your request has been received within 5 days of mailing it call the HH Business Manager at 423-567-3475.
  3. The Architectural Committee shall vote to APPROVE, DISAPPROVE, or MODIFY the application and will notify the property owner accordingly. If the homeowner makes a revision to the application after the original receipt of the request, the 30 days clock restarts at the time the Business Manager or Architectural Committee receives the revision, whichever is first. Communications between the home owner and the committee on the status of the request may be made via email or the Architectural Request Form.
  4. Either the committee or the board may issue a “show cause” request, asking offending homeowners to appear at the board meeting to show cause as to why they should not be required to remove any offending modification to their property. A homeowner’s failure to appear at a “show cause” proceeding shall not delay board action.
  5. The board may, by majority vote, undertake appropriate legal action to effectuate its “show cause” decision.
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