Ballot for
Hidden Harbor Homeowners’ Association
Annual Meeting

One vote per lot. Voting closes at 6pm March 26.

There are 3 issues on the ballot. Please review all three.

Voting is now closed. Thank you.

Hidden Harbor Homeowners,
The annual meeting of the Hidden Harbor Homeowners’ Association (HOA) is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 6:00 PM at Hixson Presbyterian Church (1450 Jackson Mill Drive, Hixson, TN). We will have a play area set up, so don’t hesitate to come if you have children. Several items will be presented and discussed at the meeting (a preliminary agenda is enclosed). The Board would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information and updates on several items prior to the meeting.
We have four open board positions up for election this year. We currently have two incumbents running for reelection and three additional candidates. Please see the enclosed ballot and candidate bios and choose four (these are also posted on our Facebook group). No petitions were submitted for individuals to be added to the ballot. You may submit your ballot via proxy, placing in the neighborhood Dropbox or online on our website if you will not be attending the annual meeting, please see the enclosed proxy form for instructions. We will also have an online ballot available this year, it will be open for 1 week prior to the meeting and will close at 6pm on March 26, just before the meeting begins.
As per our bylaws, a yearly dues increase will be assessed based on the cost of living for the previous year as reflected in the Consumer Price Index – United States for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, unless 3/4ths of the vote at the annual meeting is against this increase.
Due to increased rise in prices of the goods and services that are needed to maintain our community (including rise of lifeguard wages, pool chemicals, insurance, and other services), the Board is proposing an additional increase in the amount of 50.00 per year (or $25.00 bi-annually). Our current annual assessment of $443.24 per year is well below other neighborhoods with similar amenities (which in the state of Tennessee average $150.00 per month). In order to approve this increase 3/4ths of the vote at the annual meeting will need to be in favor.
As you know the Board has continued to add and update amenities in recent years including additions to the pool, boat dock and our new Pickleball courts. We also have several common areas that are in need of updating, such as the playgrounds and basketball court. The Board has also received requests to consider updating the pavilion at the activity field (to include lighting), adding a fenced dog-park, and a clubhouse. The only way to continue maintaining and add to the community (and in-turn our home values) is to approve this additional increase.
This will be a meeting of the Hidden Harbor Homeowners’ Association. Members of the Association are defined in Section 3.01 of the Declarations of Covenants, Restrictions and By-Laws (By-Laws) as “The Developers and every person or entity who is a record Owner of a fee simple interest or an undivided fee simple interest of at least fifty percent (50%) in any Lot which is subject to this Declaration shall be a Member of the Association, provided that any such person or entity who holds such title or interest merely as a security for the performance of an obligation shall not be a Member of the Association. Membership shall be automatically transferred to the new Owner upon the conveyance of any Lot and recording of the Deed of Conveyance in the Register’s Office of Hamilton County, Tennessee. Membership shall be appurtenant to and may not be separated from ownership of any Lot which is subject to assessment.” Per Section 3.02 of the By-Laws, “Members shall be entitled to one vote for each Lot in which they hold the interest required for membership in Section 3.01. When more than one person holds such interest or interests in any Lot, all such persons shall be Members, and the vote for such Lot shall be exercised as they among themselves determine, but in no event shall more than one vote be cast with respect to any such Lot.” You must be a member to vote, and only members have standing to speak and make motions at the annual meeting.
If you are renting a home within Hidden Harbor, or living in the home with an owner, you are not an HOA member and do not have standing in the HOA.
Pool Employees Individuals interested in being an employee for the 2024 pool season should apply online at by April 20, 2022. Pool Manager, Lifeguard and Host positions are available. Individuals must be at least 15 years old and have successfully completed a lifeguard certification class to apply for a lifeguard position. Certification lasts for two years and then recertification is required, so returning lifeguards need to ensure their certification is current. Lifeguard certification classes are offered at the YMCA, the McCallie School and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, details and class schedules can be found on their respective web pages. Being an employee at the Hidden Harbor pool is a privilege, not a right, and employees are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.
Please remember that the lifeguards are responsible for the safety of everyone, and they are the authority for discipline and safety at the pool. This applies to adults and children while at the pool. Non compliance with lifeguard instructions could result in a loss of pool privileges. A copy of the Board approved pool rules will be posted on our website prior to pool season.
In accordance with our dues policy adopted by the Board on October 21, 1993, as amended on January 1, 2018, “all homeowners, their children, family and guests are barred from using the pool, tennis courts, boat dock and other community facilities (including during official neighborhood activities) if any portion of the homeowners’ dues, including applicable late fees, remain unpaid by the first of the month following three (3) months from the first late payment and until all dues are paid in full including any applicable late fees.” This applies to use of the pool and participation with the swim team. Residents with outstanding assessment and/or late fee balances will not be permitted to use the pool or participate with the swim team until the balance is paid in full. A three-day processing period is required after receipt of payment. Please address all past due balances immediately to avoid delays in pool usage. Our past due policy is located on the website under the resources section.
We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting on March 26, 2024, 6:00 PM at Hixson Presbyterian Church (1450 Jackson Mill Drive, Hixson, TN).
Hidden Harbor HOA Board
(423) 567-3475

2024-2025 Board Candidates

Ryan Bourgo

2024 Candidates-Ryan BourgoHi Hidden Harbor! My name is Ryan Bourgo and, along with my wife Carrie, and three children (Owen 14, Alana 12, and Iris 5), have lived in the neighborhood for nearly 3 years. We absolutely love this community; it is the friendly and helpful people that live here that make this community what it is. A bit about myself: I have a Ph.D. in Genetics, have done cancer research for most of my career, and now work as a Scientific Business Director for a medical communications company. I’m a family man at heart, and am so excited for the opportunity to give back to this community and help Hidden Harbor continue to thrive, continue to be an amazing place to raise a family, and hopefully find ways to improve upon an already great thing!

Sean King

2024 Candidates-Sean KingHi there! My wife Michelle and I moved here this past June (2023) with our two children Sawyer (8 boy) and Charlie (3 girl). We were already excited about the house and the neighborhood amenities, but we have absolutely fallen in love with Hidden Harbor. Everyone here has been so kind and welcoming, and we have made some excellent friends already!

We own Cultivating Digital (formerly RTS Consulting) which is a web design and digital marketing firm. When I saw that Hidden Harbor also had a website, I felt there were some opportunities where I could add my expertise. We are currently rebuilding the website, and should have the complete update in place soon. My hope is that I will be able to join the board and help find other opportunities to make Hidden Harbor the best it can be for all its residents.
Thank you for your consideration.

Cameron Williams

2024 Candidates-Cameron Williams“My wife Amy and I have lived in Hidden Harbor since 2011. We love the amenities the neighborhood offers, especially the pool and the activity field. We enjoy the sense of community and friendships we’ve developed with our neighbors over the years. Amy and I have two daughters ages 14 and 10.
In my professional life, I serve as an Assistant District Attorney General for the 12th Judicial District, which includes Rhea, Sequatchie, Marion, Bledsoe, Grundy, and Franklin counties in Tennessee. I’m in my 20th year of being a prosecutor, and I have successfully tried some of the highest profile and violent crimes in Hamilton County history.

I graduated from Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law in Memphis in 2003 and have served as an ADA in the 25th and 11th Judicial Districts. I’ve dedicated my legal career to public service in law enforcement.
Candidates For Reelection

Naino Leo

2024 Candidates-Naino LeoI have lived here for 13 years and have been a very good neighbor. I retired 10 years ago. I’ve been serving as Vice-President on the Hidden Harbor HOA Board for the past 8 years.

Previously I lived in a condo at Ormond By the Sea, north of Daytona, for 22 years. Started out as secretary and treasurer for first 10 years and finally became president for last 10-12 years. I was responsible for daily business and all repairs for the condos. Though we only had 10 units, living on the ocean was a challenge…hurricane season. I put shutters up for units since most owners were absent. I was in charge of assessing damage and overseeing repairs after we had 4 hurricanes in a month. I secured bank loans to pay our insurance deductible in order to get work started on repairs. I conducted monthly meetings and created annual reports and suggestions for upcoming year. I knew where every dollar went in our association. I was responsible for getting quotes for everything and making sure we got our money’s worth. I spent 35 years with McDonald’s as a manager and supervisor of 7 stores with about $9-million in business with 300 employees.

Dainius Jonika

2024 Candidates-Dainius JonikaI am originally from Lithuania, and I have lived in US since 2001. We selected this neighborhood in 2017 because of its friendly atmosphere, great amenities, and perfect location. My wife and children, Theo 3, Sophia 1.5, and I enjoy the swimming pool, boat dock, and all neighborhood gatherings.
I have a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and I am also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I have worked for EY public accounting firm for the last 10 years. I am also a First Lieutenant in the Tennessee National Guard.
I have never been a part of such a community as we have here at Hidden Harbor. I absolutely love the friendly neighbors, people walking their dogs, kids playing in the pool and so much more. My wife is the business manager for the neighborhood and is active in the social committee. I believe that this neighborhood is doing a lot for my family, and I enjoy giving back what I can, I have been the Treasurer for the last 2 years and have enjoyed my time.
Thank you for considering me for reelection to the board.